How To Date A Married Bisexual Couple?

bisexual couple

There's no single right way to date; in the modern world, this is something we can all agree on! In fact, non-monogamous arrangements and relationships are becoming more and more common. If you've been considering dipping a toe into the world of polyamory and open relationships, dating an experienced bisexual couple can be a great starting point.

What is Polyamory?

Basically speaking, polyamory is the practice of being romantically involved with more than one person. Some people have one main partner and also date others; other non-monogamists have two or three partners that they see regularly. Often, an established heterosexual or bisexual couple will seek a third partner for casual or romantic dating.

How You Can Date A Married Bisexual Couple

Believe it or not, the etiquette is much the same as monogamous dating; you see someone, or two someones, that you like, you get to know them, and you ask them if they would like to spend some time with you. For polyamorous people, the biggest hurdle is often finding other non-monogamous people to connect with, and in this endeavour, a non-traditional or bisexual dating site is a wonderful tool.

Assuming that you already have a couple in mind, and you know they're open to the lifestyle, there are some things you should do when trying to date a married couple.

1) Get to know them both; if you need to have a one-on-one coffee date with both people, you should do so! After all, when you date a couple, you need to have an interest in both of them. If you can't find an attraction to or respect for one half of the couple, it's time to resume hunting!

2) Make your interest known to them. If you're sure that you want to get involved with them, tell the couple that you're interested in dating them and ask if that's something they would consider.

3) Go on a triple date together. Shared experience not only helps us bond as humans but uncovers tensions. Spend some time together as a triad and feel out the dynamic to see if there's potential for a spark!

4) Once you are sure you all want to date each other, sit down and discuss boundaries. Are you always going to meet as a triad? Are you happy to spend time one on one? Is sex on the menu? If so, what are the boundaries?

Maintaining The Balance

If you're lucky enough to find a bisexual couple that you click with then you should, first of all, enjoy it! The dates, the time together, the 'play', whatever your arrangement is make sure that you all get some joy out of it, and if you ever feel uncomfortable or upset by the dynamic remember that you are free to walk away.

Of course, all relationships will have rocky patches, and when you're dating in a triad, unchecked emotions can get very messy. So remember to communicate regularly and honestly. If you do all of this then you will find that it's actually easy, fun, and satisfying to date a bisexual married couple!